2016 Voting Convenience Centers

Polling Place Address
Roswell Mall 4501 N. Main, Roswell
St. Mark's Lutheran Church 2911 N. Main, Roswell
West Country Club Church of Christ 700 W. Country Club, Roswell
Roswell Boys & Girls Club 201 S. Garden, Roswell
Roswell Convention Center 912 N. Main, Roswell
Westminster Presbyterian 2801 W. 4th, Roswell
Waymaker Church 202 S. Sunset, Roswell
Chaves County Clerk's Office 1 Saint Mary's Place, Roswell
Valley View Elementary School 1400 S. Washington, Roswell
Sunset Elementary School 606 W. O'Connor, Roswell
EGP Elementary School 3773 East Grand Plains, Roswell
Dexter Central Office 100 N. Lincoln, Dexter
Hagerman Joy Center 503 E. Argyle, Hagerman
Lake Arthur Schools 700 W. Broadway, Lake Arthur
Dunken Fire Station 496 Pinon Dunken Rd, Dunken

What Is A Voting Convenience Center?

A Voting Convenience Center (VCC) is a location serving as a polling place at which any registered voter in Chaves County may vote regardless of the precinct in which the voter is assigned.

With Voting Convenience Centers there is NO wrong place to vote!
Roswell Boundary with PCTS and VCC
Chaves County with VCC