Inmate Correspondence

To ensure that the maintenance of important ties with families, friends, attorneys, and the community, inmates of the Chaves County Detention Center are allowed to send or receive an unlimited amount of mail, provided they have sufficient funds for postage.  Stamps, envelopes and paper may be purchased through the commissary.  For indigent inmates, one stamped envelopes and two pieces of writing paper are provided each week, in order to maintain community ties and send legal correspondence. 

Inmates are not permitted to send or receive mail from other inmates confined in this or other facilities. Under certain circumstances (such as husband and wife housed in two different facilities), special permission may be granted by the Administrator.

Pornographic and sexually explicit publications and photos are not allowed into the facility. Publications or pictures that encourage or show containers of alcohol or drug use are prohibited. Publications explaining/depicting the use of weapons and/or explosive devices are prohibited.  Gang-related publications, symbols or drawings are prohibited.  Oversized greeting card envelopes will be returned. Envelopes soaked with cologne or perfume will be returned. Envelopes that have any type of make-up or lipstick will be returned. 

Mail received without the sender’s full name and return address will be rejected.  Envelopes that contain any type of drawings, stickers, additional writing (SWAK, XOXO, write back soon) or other writing that is not part of the sender’s name and address or the detainee’s address will be returned.  Un-returnable mail (due to missing or incomplete return address) will be destroyed.

All incoming mail will be monitored and inspected for security purposes, including for the interception of cash, money orders, physical contraband, or to uncover threats that may disrupt the orderly operation of the facility.  During this process the following items will be removed from all mail, industrial staples (if removal of industrial staple will damage the article it will be returned), paper clips, metal clamps, clasps, and questionable labels.  Legal mail will only be opened in the presence of the inmate.

Magazines and newspapers will be accepted as long as they meet the following requirements and do not contain restricted material.

1).  Magazines that have a regional or national circulation, and/or are sold by public vendors, and/or by mail subscription to the general public.

2).  Newspapers that have a circulation among the general public and publish news of a general interest to the public (such as news of political, religious, commercial, or social affairs); or qualifies for the purpose of publishing legal notices in the community in which it is located or the area to which it is distributed.

3).  Newspapers will be delivered on a one for one exchange due to an accumulation of newspapers being a fire hazard.

4).  All reading material must fit in the personal property box. 

Contraband concealed in letters may result in restricted correspondence and possible referral for prosecution.  All contraband will be disposed in accordance with the Facility’s policy on that subject. Criminal charges may be filed.

Certified or Registered Mail will be accepted, signed for, and processed in accordance with general or Special/Legal Mail requirements.

Money can be deposited in an inmate’s account by depositing it (cash or credit card) in the lobby kiosk at the Adult Detention Center, or by vising The inmate can use this money to purchase commissary or telephone time.