If you would like to send a letter to the juvenile, you must send it through the US mail. Address your letter to:
Name of Juvenile
119 E. Fourth Street
Roswell, NM 88201


Juveniles in detention are not permitted to send or receive mail from other inmates confined in this or other facilities. Packages addressed to the juveniles and delivered to the Juvenile Detention Center by the Post Office, UPS, or other delivery service will NOT be accepted.

Pornographic and sexually explicit publications/letters or photos are not allowed into the facility. Publications or pictures that encourage or show containers of alcohol or drug use are prohibited. Publications explaining/depicting the use of weapons and/or explosive devices are prohibited.

Un-returnable mail (due to missing or incomplete return address) will be destroyed.

Envelopes that contain any type of drawings, stickers, additional writing (SWAK,XOXO, write back soon) or other writing that is not part of the sender’s name and address or the detainees address will be returned.

Oversized greeting card envelopes and packages will be returned. Envelopes soaked with cologne or perfume will be returned. Envelopes that have any type of make-up or lipstick will be returned. Gang-related publications, symbols or drawings are prohibited.